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Rosedalena is a beauty and healthcare brand of Bulgarian Rose. Highly fragrant damask rose, organically cultivated at the company's designated farm in Bulgaria. Luxury use of high quality rose oil and rose water extracted from the damask rose. We strive to create products that make full use of the fragrance and power of Bulgarian Rose with Japanese technology. As a reliable Japanese product, some foods have passed the strict production standards of the Japanese Agricultural and Forestry Standards (JAS Standards) and obtained organic JAS certification. Rosedalena means, in Bulgarian, "the rich grace of roses given from heaven." For those who want a healthy, beautiful, and enriched lifestyle, we offer special Bulgarian roses.

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Fragrance with Fashion

Garment is a fragrance brand of total fashion creator Takenori Yamashita.

Inspired by the versatility of expressions when a lens filter is attached to a camera, he has advocated the philosophy of "fragrance filtering."

By overlaying a fragrance filter on the base fragrance that changes the texture of the scent, you can freely coordinate the scent according to the mood and scene of the day.

Garment proposes a free and luxurious fashion style that can express your commitment in various ways with fragrance.

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