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Bulgarian Rose

World's highest quality

Of the roses that are said to have more than 20,000 species, there are only a few that can extract rose oil. Among them, damask rose is known as the most fragrant variety. In particular, Damask rose from Bulgaria's "Rose Valley" is regarded as the world's highest quality due to its high oil extraction rate and high quality fragrance, and is called "Queen of Flowers and Flowers Bulgarian Rose".

Damascus is grown in a central part of Bulgaria called the Valley of Roses. Between the Balkans and the Sredna Gora Mountains, the plains are temperate and vegetative, with vast mountains blocking the cold winds.
In addition, low acidity and well drained soil, abundant rainfall, the temperature difference between morning and evening, etc. are perfect conditions for cultivating Damascus rose. As a result, Damascus rose rich in perfume ingredients is produced, producing the highest quality rose oil. Rose oil produced here accounts for about 70% of world production, and Bulgaria is highly regarded as a source of rose oil.

To extract 1 kg of rose oil, 3.5 to 4 tons of roses are required.

In late May, the "Rose Valley" is full of pink roses and wrapped in a fragrant scent. Once a year, the damask rose that blooms for only three weeks is carefully picked one by one from the dim early morning, and rose oil is immediately extracted by steam distillation.
Steam distillation is an extraction method that uses only flowers and water. Put the flowers and water in the still and heat it to cool the steam vaporized by the aroma components and collect the distilled water. This distilled water is separated into an oil layer and an aqueous layer. The golden supernatant part of the oil layer is rose oil, and the colorless and transparent aqueous layer is rose water. Rose oil extracted by this method is called "Rose Otto" and is safe to apply on your skin and put in your mouth.
Extracting 1 kg of rose oil by the steam distillation method requires 3.5 to 4 tons of rose. Because of its value, rose oil is said to be more expensive than gold. Rose oil cannot be replaced with synthetic fragrances, and is therefore valued as a valuable natural fragrance and used as a raw material for luxury brand perfumes.


Contract farm Eniobonchefu, Inc.

Contract farm that grows roses without organic pesticide cultivation

The Meilily contract farm, Anyio Bonchev, is one of the first rose oil distilleries in Bulgaria with a 100-year history and tradition. It is a top manufacturer that can consistently manage from cultivation to production and produce the highest quality rose oil and rose water. Due to its quality, it was awarded a gold medal from UNESCO at the 1964 International Conference on Essential Oils.
The company grows roses using organic pesticide-free farming methods and uses the natural spring water of the valleys in the Balkans to extract organic rose oil and organic rose water at its own organic distillery. The products made here have been certified organic by the Bulgarian organic certification body Balkan Biozuerto.
Meilily has built a long-term relationship with Enio Bonchev for nearly 20 years through social contribution activities for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Rose. In addition, regular site visits are made to ensure continuous quality control.

Unique double distillation method

High concentration rose water

The distilled water in which rose oil is dissolved, which is collected by steam distillation of damask rose, is called rose water. Rosewater is generally considered a by-product of extracting rose oil. In the final process, it is separated from rose oil floating on the surface of distilled water.
Our products are collected by a unique double distillation method using a special pot for extracting rosewater. As a result, 100% of the separated rose oil is usually retained, and its content is two to six times the Bulgarian national standard (0.02 to 0.04%). Contains a high concentration of rose oil, so it has a very strong rose scent. In addition, it has been confirmed that it does not rot at room temperature for more than 5 years without a preservative because it has a bactericidal action, one of the effects of rose oil.

Our rose water is a “food ingredient”. Rosewater has excellent power not only as a flavor but also as a seasoning, such as making use of the taste of the ingredients, mellowing the taste, adding richness and depth.

Since general rosewater is imported as a cosmetic ingredient, it is labeled as a "food additive" when incorporated into food, and is labeled "fragrance" on products. We import as "food ingredients" and we can display "Damas Closed Water" in the name of raw materials. In addition, we have obtained organic JAS certification from importers, so we can offer organic JAS standard products.

* Can also be used as a raw material for cosmetics.
* When using organic JAS standard products, "Organic Damas Close Water" can be displayed in the raw material name.

Rose water to make the ingredients delicious

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