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Social contribution activities

Social Contribution Activities

In addition to social contribution through its core business, Meilily is actively engaged in social contribution activities, utilizing management resources such as the company's strengths, technologies, and human resources, mainly in the fields of culture, arts, education, and welfare. . In particular, we continuously provide full support to the Bulgarian Rose Cultural Association, which is working to spread the Bulgarian Rose and create and disseminate a new Bulgarian Rose culture.

Rosewater promotion activities


Sponsored the Rosewater Recipe Award

In support of the Bulgarian Rose Cultural Association's activities to promote the use of rosewater seasonings, we co-sponsor our products to the Rosewater Recipe Award sponsored by the association.

At this event, we will recruit creative recipes using rosewater and compete with students from cooking and confectionery colleges nationwide in order to promote rosewater widely. In the final practical examination, which includes six finalists, a rigorous examination will be performed by the Bulgarian Ambassador to Japan, Chef Kataoka and Chef Koji Tsuchiya.

Children who will be working adults will learn the importance of professional attitude and ingenuity through the guidance of a famous chef who is a food professional.

To the official website of Bulgarian Rose Cultural Association

Conducting emotional education through fragrance creation


Conducting emotional education through fragrance creation


“Koraku” is a unique scent creation method designed by the representative, Fumie Yamashita, with the theme of healing (fragrance therapy) and education (fragrance art). We practice emotional education using the sense of smell, using the fragrance creation method that anyone can enjoy.
Since 2011, we have been conducting a special course at the Kanagawa Prefectural Fujisawa High School on the theme of "opening the heart through fragrance." Through the five-day Kogaku Method Program, children discover their individuality, recognize diverse values, and nurture rich sensibilities.


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